Cristiano Dalbem

Silhouette of a man standing at the top of a hill with silhouettes of mountains in the background. I like mountains because they offer great insights about life in general. Like: we're never quite sure of how tall are the mountains just over the ones that are nearest to us, all we have to do is keep climbing and taking care of our own pair of legs.

I'm a designer of products and systems.

Nice to meet you!

I'm a designer with a skill set ranging from researching to designing and programming products and systems. I'm interested in solving problems related to the human experience of technology and tools we use to work and express ourselves.

My background in Computer Science has biased me towards solutions that are scalable, maintainable and that stand the test of time. This mindset also applies to businesses and their role in the society. I work with purpose, and I like creating stuff that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.

I'm very curious and I'm always learning different stuff. I find it helps me stay creative, and give me knowledge to find the right problems to solve, as well as the right solutions for them.


I'm working as a Product Designer at VTEX, building the future of e-commerce in one of the biggest ecosystems in the world. I've been contributing in a variety of teams and projects, participating from all project phases, always in search of the right balance between the inherent complexity of the platform, technology constraints and the pains and needs of thousands of users that depend on our platform everyday to run their businesses.

In my free time I'm a cicloactivist and I try to apply my skills to improve urban mobility and ultimately contribute for better cities. I've built bike de boa and CicloMapa, two web apps to help urban cyclists in Brazil.

Case studies

Here's a selection of projects in which I've played a major role and I'm very proud of.

Other projects


I try to be as engaged as possible with the community, always learning from others and trying to share some ideas too.

Meetup Design at Scale. Rio de Janeiro & Recife, 2019.
TheDevelopersConference - Trilha Gestão de Produto. São Paulo & Recife, 2019
Interaction Latin America. Rio de Janeiro, 2018
Bicicultura. Rio de Janeiro, 2018
Fórum Internacional Software Livre. Porto Alegre, 2016
Google IO Extended. Porto Alegre, 2015
Desconferência UFRGS. Porto Alegre, 2013


Reading good books is like always having good companies and being mentored by the best. This is what I'm currently reading, according toGoodreads.

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